Carbon County Commissioners Team Up With Bureau of Land Management to Improve Nine Mile Canyon


Carbon County is blessed with Nine Mile Canyon and the resources that come with it. For the past few years, Carbon County has teamed up with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to make sure that the canyon is taken care of and in great condition for locals and tourists alike.

The resources of the canyon are managed by a number of entities. Carbon County and the BLM have worked together to protect the resources and ensure that visitors come away with a good experience of the area.

The paved road is a good example of the cooperation on the efforts. However, the job is not yet done. There are still a few things to do to bring the area into a proper management stage. Ahmed Mohsen, from the BLM Price field office, spoke at a recent commission meeting to invite the county to continue to work with them.

Mohsen wanted to make sure that the cooperation became more formalized. There is an existing memorandum of understanding for working together and he was not sure if another was needed. Carbon County receiving agency status would give it more ability for involvement.

Commissioners believed that the MOU that is already written should be sufficient. “Having that cooperative agency status makes a world of difference to us as a governmental agency,” commissioner Jae Potter said.

Follow ups to ensure the cooperation will be completed. The MOU will be looked over and adjustments will be made as needed. Coordination with the BLM will also be completed as needed.

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