*CORRECTION* Carbon County Commissioners Vote Regarding Utah Same-Sex Marriage Case Going to the Supreme Court


Carbon County Commissioners discussed submitting an amicus brief in support of Utah’s petition for a writ of certiorari before the United State Supreme Court in Utah’s same-sex marriage case on Wednesday.

A writ of certiorari is a document filed to the Supreme Court that requests them to review the decision of a lower court. In this case, the same-sex marriage case in Utah. 

So far, 20 counties have submitted an amicus brief in support of Utah’s petition. The question of Carbon County joining these counties was on the table at the commission meeting.

“All the court is going to do is make a decision: yes or no,” county attorney Christian Bryner explained. “Are we going to hear the case or are we not going to hear the case?”

After a brief discussion regarding what the amicus brief would entail, Michelle Goldsmith approached commission members regarding the topic.

Goldsmith explained that her daughter is gay and should not be rejected the possibility to be married.

“As parents, we just want our child healthy and happy,” Goldsmith explained. She firmly stated that she was against the approval of the brief.

There was plenty of discussion between commissioners weighing the pros and cons.

“I am not opposed to gay marriage,” commission John Jones stated. “For me, I don’t think this level of government should decide. Are we helping resolve the issue? Or do we help the issue by sitting back? I don’t think we should take a stand against anything.”

Commissioner Casey Hopes did not take a stand on the issue of same-sex marriage but stated that “our country needs some finality on this issue.”

After some back and forth, Hopes made a motion to approve the brief that will support Utah’s petition to have the same-sex marriage case heard by the Supreme Court. Commission Jae Potter agreed. Jones was against the approval of the motion. Now, plaintiffs in the case are urging to be heard along with 21 counties in Utah.

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