Carbon County Commissioners Welcome Miss Carbon County and Discuss Other Matters


Carbon County Commissioners welcomed the newly-crowned Miss Carbon County at their meeting Wednesday.

The meeting started started with the opening of weed and mosquito offer bids, and the Seventh District Court complex remodeling projects. The Commission decided to have the county engineer review the bids further before making an official decision.

The commissioners next welcomed Alexis Matthews, or the news Miss Carbon County, to her new position. Matthews informed the county of her platform “Attitude is Everything” and explained how she is striving to give her positive platform speech in each classroom in Carbon County. The commission is excited to have Matthews represent the county for the next year.

Commissioners were also approached by representatives from Rocky Mountain Power in regards to land surveys, soil tests, and cultural, biological, and environmental studies on property owned by Carbon County. The studies would be conducted in areas by Helper and Wellington and would not impose on Carbon County residents. Rocky Mountain Power has been mailing approval letters for the operation to Carbon County homes since May of last year. The letters inform residents that approval by them would allow a “right of entry, not a right of way.” Commissioners agreed to discuss the matter further.

Motions were approved on the following:

County local PR campaign for S. Johansen.

Resolution No. 2013-04. This resolution confirms that Carbon County is not seeking to impose a tax for botanical, cultural, recreational and zoological organizations or facilities, also known as the ZAP tax.В In turn, an inter-local agreement regarding the ZAP tax from October, 2006 was terminated.

Matters that were postponed until the next meeting on May 1:

Consideration and possible approval of Ordinance 454. The ordinance will regulate the use off off-highway vehicles on Carbon County Class B and Class D roads.

Consideration and possible approval of Ordinance 455. This ordinance will require a purchasing and procurement policy so that Carbon County may acquire, manage, and dispose of property. This will also repeal Ordinance 225.

Possible authorization of payment of legal fees to be separate for Sheriff’s Merit Board and Carbon County Board of Adjustments.


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