Carbon County Continues to Move Forward with Economic Development


Several bids for various projects were opened during the County Commission meeting on Wednesday. With multiple bids to review and factors to consider, a special commission and municipal building board meeting was held on Friday.

During the Friday meeting, the Carbon County Commission convened as the municipal building board to award the pre-construction contract for the Nine Mile Road paving project. County engineer Curtis Page reported after using the criteria outlined in the RFP, Nielson Construction came in as the lowest bidder. The actual construction costs will be approved after Nielson, the county and Jones & DeMille Engineering work through the details of the best approach to the road project.

The county closed the municipal building meeting and resumed the commission meeting.

Weed and Mosquito Manager Mike Johnson reviewed seven bids opened during Wednesday’s commission meeting and selected the lowest price from the bidders for each chemical needed for weed and mosquito abatement. The request had specified that the county would not necessarily accept each bid as a package, but choose the lowest prices from every proposal.

On the bid process for the Carbon County Airport Hanger/Apron expansion, Page explained that Arrow Construction had the apparent low bid. However, on examination of that bid, several problems were noted. The bidder did not sign the receipt of the addendum. They also did not sign the bidder form and did not provide a valid bid bond. For those reasons, Page said they felt it necessary to reject that bid. Nielson Construction came in with the next low bid at $114,168. The commission approved that contract and the meeting was adjourned.

In other business on Wednesday, Jordan Behunin approached commissioners requesting approval to apply for the Yamaha OHV Access Grant and purchase approximately .6 of an acre of property on Wood Hill. The property would serve as a recreational trail head and the grant would help make the trail possible. Yamaha awarded 20 grants last year alone and Behunin feels like Carbon County would be a great candidate for the grant. Commissioners approved the proposal by Behunin to apply for the grant.

Finally, commissioners approved a goal for 2015 to improve radio communications between county workers, including police, fire and medical departments. Currently, radio communication remains weak between county workers with many dead areas where there is no reception at all. The county will work next year to improve these communications to help workers become more efficient.

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