Carbon County Department of Motor Vehicles Moving Into the Administration Building


On Monday evening, the consideration and possible approval of a lease agreement with the State of Utah for the DMV office to be moved into the Administration Building was presented for the commissioners to look over and either approve or deny.

Carbon County employee Barry Horsley spoke with the commissioners on this. The commissioners were previously given the contract between the county and state for the lease space. The DMV will be moved into the area that Carbon County Recreation formerly held. The date of the contract begins in September, however, the DFCM felt that if the date was put out and the area was available sooner than the listed date, it could then be modified.

This contract is for seven years. The state will pay for the remodel and the furniture that is moved into the space upon completion.

“We are excited to have them join us in the Administration Building,” commissioner Jae Potter stated.

Horsley was then thanked for his work that he has gone through in this effort. The commissioners then reminded all that the Recreation Department was moved out to the fairgrounds in the building that is South of the Events Center. The lease was approved by the commissioners.

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