Carbon County Deputy Attorney Named Employee of the Month


Dominique Kiahtipes, who is employed by the Carbon County Attorney’s Office, was named the February Employee of the Month at the commission meeting hosted on Wednesday evening.

Carbon County Human Resources Director Kellie Payne invited Kiahtipes and Attorney Christian Bryner to the podium to speak on this recognition. Before turning the time over to Bryner, Payne stated that she believes that Kiahtipes is doing a great job and she never has to worry about anything within that department.

Bryner then took a few moments to speak on Kiahtipes, who is the Chief Deputy Attorney. She has worked full-time at the office since 2018, making her the office’s most experienced prosecutor. She has been either the lead or sole prosecutor in a dozen jury trials and has won nearly all of them.

Kiahtipes handles all types of cases but specializes in sexual assault and domestic violence, which Bryner stated are often some of the most complex and complicated cases. Bryner said that Kiahtipes is an expert in working with victims and families that are traumatized by crimes, and that she helps the most vulnerable residents feel confident that they can speak to a jury and a judge.

“She empowers people who have been victimized,” said Bryner.

He continued his praises by saying that Kiahtipes is well-versed in navigating the rules of evidence and criminal procedures, commanding attention. He credited Kiahtipes as being a prosecutor’s prosecutor. She thinks like an attorney and it seems to come naturally to her. Kiahtipes also has the natural ability to see three or four steps down the road when most can only see what is right in front of them.

He stated that Kiahtipes is lightning-quick to come up with ways to handle cases that may not occur to others, while also caring deeply about each case that she handles. Kiahtipes carries a caseload that would crush the average attorney and is happy when she has a lot to do.

“She really sets the bar high when it comes to being able to work hard,” Bryner praised.

Kiahtipes has earned respect and admiration from her peers and local law enforcement agencies, but Bryner stated that she never seeks the limelight or draws attention to herself. Bryner called Kiahtipes a true friend and inspiration for others to become the best they can.

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