Carbon County Duo Create Children’s Novel Focused on COVID-19


Local talent has once again banded together to create an artistic release for the local youth in the uncertain times that followed the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.

The duo of writing talent Adam Fivecoat and illustrating talent Karen Jobe Templeton, both of Carbon County, recently released their debut book “It’s Time to Be Brave: Helping Kids in the Time of Coronavirus 19.” According to the novel’s listing, the book provides a framework for children to understand all of the new, sometimes scary and definitely challenging changes that have been brought into nearly all lives due to COVID-19.

Parents are instructed that reading this novel with their children works to provide an opportunity for young ones to ask questions and discuss the many changes everyone is experiencing. The book features rhyming explorations of how children react to the restrictions of Coronavirus.

More information on this novel can be found by following the book’s Facebook page. Information to purchase the novel may be found here.

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