Carbon County Economic Development and Tourism Departments Find New Structure


Carbon County Press Release

The Carbon County Commissioners have restructured the Economic Development and Tourism Departments. The new structure will include involvement from other local government officials and employees, local stake holders and community members.

Economic Development and Tourism will be separated but will no longer have a director position in either department. The Carbon County Commissioners have moved forward with a recommendation from a strategic plan conducted by an outside consulting company. There will now be an Economic Development Specialist as well as a Tourism Specialist. Both will report directly to the Commission and will also work closely with local government and industry committees.

After careful consideration, Rita Vigor was approved as the Economic Development Specialist and Tina Henrie as the Tourism Specialist. Both Vigor and Henrie have years of experience in their respective fields, are well known by the community and have been assisting in these departments over the past several months.

Along with the personnel change, the Commission has formed an Economic Development Council (EDC) and five committees with a specific area of focus and separate Committee Chairs. The five Committees are; the City and County Committee, Employment Recruitment and Development, New Business Development, Community Stability and Attitude, and Local Business Expansion. A chair has been appointed to each committee and anyone interested in serving as a committee member should email

Vigor and Henrie will also work closely with the EDC and the committees directly related to their departments to provide any assistance or resources they have available.

Commissioner Jae Potter said, “We can no longer approach economic development and tourism as we have in the past.” Potter continued, “We need the involvement of the business community and we need to develop our relationships with the state offices of Economic Development, Energy Development and Tourism.”

Commissioner Casey Hopes said, “I am extremely impressed with the feedback and involvement from other local governments, local stakeholders and community members.” Hopes continued, “I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.”

Commissioner Jake Mellor said, “”If we want different results, we have to start looking at doing things a bit differently. I look forward to what these changes will bring.”

For more information, email or call (435) 636-3226

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