Carbon County Emergency Director Posts Bail Following Court Hearing


Carbon County Emergency Director Jason Llewelyn posted bail after an appearance in Seventh District Court after it was lowered on Tuesday.

According to Carbon County Attorney Gene Strait, Llewelyn’s temporary attorney David Allred argued a request for a reduction in the emergency director’s bail. Strait countered, stating that with such serious charges against Llewelyn, he could be a flight risk.

“I argued for a higher bail, but the judge felt where Jason was a long-time resident of the county and had property here that the bail was too high,” Strait said.

Judge George Harmond ordered Llewelyn’s bail to be reduced from $85,000 to $10,000. He posted bail in Emery County later that day.

It was also decided at the hearing that Llewelyn was not eligible for a public attorney due to his wide array of assets. Allred officially withdrew from the case so Llewelyn could seek private counsel.

Llewelyn is once again set to appear in court on Oct. 16 for a preliminary hearing.


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