Carbon County Employee of the Month Award Given for December


The Carbon County employees of the month for December were named at the commission meeting that took place on Wednesday evening. This month, Sgt. Dave Brewer, Roger Taylor and Wally Hendricks were given the honor. County employee Rose Barnes and Sheriff Jeff Wood spoke about these men before handing them their awards.

“These are three individuals that are so deserving of what they’re being recognized for,” Barnes stated.

Wood briefly explained that this award was being given due to the hard work that was put forth during the cold case investigation that was recently solved this year. The three men were key in getting it solved and obtaining a conviction.

“I’m very proud of these guys and the team they have,” Wood stated.

The commissioners also spoke their gratitude, with commissioner Casey Hopes stating that there’s an incredible amount of unrecognized work that they do every day as well.




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