Carbon County Event Center and Fairgrounds Rebranded


Glenna Nelson and Aubrey Kirkwood of the Carbon County Recreation Department visited the commissioners on Wednesday evening to discuss the possible approval of rebranding both the Carbon County Event Center and the fairgrounds.

In the fall, they began working with the Office of Tourism, Commissioner Tony Martines and HUB Collective to consider possible rebranding of the fairgrounds, recreation center and events center. Nelson explained that the area is very diverse with the pond, sports fields, motocross track and more. Nelson acknowledged that it is a lot to offer at one location, but they wished to create a cohesive brand that would be known both within and outside of the community.

Many different approaches were taken when attempting to choose a brand and they were very literal at times. They considered playing on the unique ecosystem of the pond or Pinnacle Peak, but ultimately decided to settle on an acronym: CERCUT. This stands for the Carbon Events & Recreation Complex, Utah.

Nelson and Kirkwood stated that this encompasses what the facility offers and what could possibly be offered in the future. Commissioner Martines then stated that they have done a fantastic job. He continued, saying that one of the most common questions received in the past is “where is it?” in regard to any event taking place at the fairgrounds or either of the centers. Local residents are aware of the location, but they are attempting to attract people from outside of the area as well.

The branding opportunity was made possible with grant funding and Commissioner Martines said that good things are coming from it. The commissioners then thanked the duo for the work that they have completed and approved the rebranding of the centers and fairgrounds.

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