Carbon County Gun Range Cleanup Set in Motion


During the Carbon County Commission meeting on Wednesday evening, the commissioners discussed the ratification of the cost estimate agreement to clean up contaminated soil at the Carbon County Gun Range.

It was explained that this is not pertaining to the North Springs Shooting Range, but the old range that is located on Four Mile Hill just south of Price. A fairly large portion of the property is owned by the county and Commissioner Larry Jensen explained that part of it was used for local law enforcement as well as acting as an open gun range.

However, the land is no longer used for that purpose. In order for it to be used or sold, it was discovered that there is a need to conduct environmental cleanup of all of the lead and jacketed material from the bullets, clay pigeons and BBs that are scattered throughout the property.

In order to give the area a clean bill of health, explained Commissioner Jensen, an engineering firm must be hired. In addition, the Department of Environmental Quality must be engaged and part of the onsite effort to take samples of the soil and figure out how much needs to be moved and where to place it.

It was stated that the project is on the front end and there has been contact made with the department. Stantec is the consulting company that has been used for weed and mosquito property cleanup by the county previously and they would like for the company to do the same with the gun range.

According to Commissioner Jensen, the plan would be to have them come in and conduct sampling of soils to organize a report that would outline all that needs to be accomplished. The Department of Environmental Quality will also take samples, which will be sent to two separate labs to verify that the readings are accurate.

Commissioner Jensen also explained that it is possible to designate an area to bury the soils, though some restrictions would be put in place, such as no homes can be built there. However, as it is already an industrial area, that does not seem to pose a problem. A parking lot could be built over the area, but digging holes for foundations or putting pipe lines in the ground would be prohibited over that small area.

The estimate that was given for this action to take place is $13,000 to $14,000, which was approved by the commissioners.

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