Carbon County IT Department Named Employees of the Month


Carbon County Human Resources Director Rose Barnes took to the podium during the inaugural 2021 commission meeting to present the January employee of the month.

The first employee of the month for the year was a special one as the honor went to an entire department rather than a singular employee. Barry Horsley, Erica Vogrinec, Steve Maxfield and Bryan Anderson of the IT department were all recognized.

Barnes stated that when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, there were a lot of employees that had to work from home and many things changed with the way the county functions. The IT department stepped up without complaint to keep them running and working.

“Without them, we would all be lost,” stated Barnes.

She remarked that the recognition is long overdue, but they can never be thanked enough for what they do. Horsley, the county’s IT director, then took time to thank his department for their efforts.

Commissioner Casey Hopes then made the joke that he has offered to be a part of the department before, but he believes that they are not in favor of his hammer.

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