Carbon County Landfill Introduces New Fee Scale


By Destiny Basso

Carbon County announced Friday that beginning April 1, 2017, the Carbon County Landfill will start charging users to dump commercial and residential waste. A fee will also be imposed for tire disposal.

The rates will be as follows:
Residential waste – $5
Commercial waste per ton – $20
Tire disposal: $1 for residential and $140 per ton for commercial enterprises

Any waste that is disposed of outside of Carbon County Landfill will be charged double the rates that are listed above. Along with this, any person who reports illegal dumping that leads to a conviction will be rewarded $250 from Carbon County.

The county reminds residents that when taking trash and debris to the landfill, it is important to make sure that none of it will fly out of any vehicle or trailer. Therefore, it is important to cover all vehicles or trailers to ensure this does not happen. Any load that is brought to the landfill uncovered and likely to be blown out of the vehicle or trailer will be charged a $25 per ton fine for residential waste and $50 per ton for commercial waste.

Carbon County does, however, reserve the right to reduce, exempt or waive fees in certain situations such as emergencies and hardships. The county may also set forth agreements with local businesses or any government agencies for different rates other than what is stated above.




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