Carbon County Man Charged With Aggravated Assult


PCPD Press Release

On 2-2-17 at about 1400, Officer Shawn Sackett responded to the Castleview Hospital Emergency Room on a reported assault.  Officer Sackett met with a 52 year old male, Price resident who had sustained a severe injury by punch, to his right eye.  The victim claimed the suspect “sucker punched” him without warning.  The victim suffered a laceration, swelling and bruising, and several fractures to his orbital socket.  The victim will require surgery to reconstruct the eye socket.

In the course of the investigation it was determined that the alleged assailant was Roy Don Robertson, DOB 7/6/1969, of Price.  Mr. Robertson had been released from jail the previous day on his own recognizance (without having to post bail) on an unrelated case.

Officer Sackett located Mr. Robertson, and after miranda warnings, he allegedly acknowledged some facts surrounding the case, and disputed some facts surrounding the case.  Mr. Robertson allegedly acknowledged that the motivation for the incident revolved around his and the victim’s competing affections for the same woman.  Officer Sackett was allegedly able to corroborate that information as fact via other witnesses.

Mr. Robertson was booked into the Carbon County Jail on a second degree felony charge of Aggravated Assault.  The Carbon County Attorney’s Office will screen the police report to determine appropriate formal charge.

Mr. Robertson has a criminal history of 54 previous arrests, with 13 involving various types of assaults, including aggravated assaults, assault on police officers, and domestic violence assaults.

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