Carbon County Man Dies in Ecuador Following Fatal Injuries


Photo courtesy of Emma Campbell

Following a plea for help, Carbon County local Jim Campbell has passed away after injuries sustained while in Ecuador for business. Emma Campbell, daughter of local Jim Campbell, had created a GoFundMe page for her father in an attempt to bring him home for a critical surgery to amputate his leg in an attempt to save his life.

Jim was in Ecuador for business when he became quite ill, suffering from an aortic dissection. He was admitted to a local Ecuadorian hospital, where his condition continued to worsen. Reportedly, a surgery that would save his life included an amputation of his left leg.

Jim’s daughter created a GoFundMe page to fund the return of Jim and attempt to save his life. “He currently needs surgery to fix his aortic dissection,” the family shared when the fundraiser page was created. “The surgery cannot be done in Ecuador so we are working on his transfer plan back to the US.”

Unfortunately, Jim did not survive long enough for the transfer, which was scheduled for Monday. His family announced his passing occurred around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday morning.

“We are so grateful for everyone’s messages and donations and we were so ready to fly him back,” Emma shared. “But my dad passed away early this morning. Thank you to everyone who supported us and will continue to support us through this difficult time.”

Individuals that wish to make a donation to the GoFundMe page and assist the Campbell family following their loss may do so by clicking here.

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