Carbon County Motocross Track Improvement Project Progresses


During the Carbon County Commission meeting that took place on Wednesday evening, the commissioners discussed the possible approval of Nickolas Parker to act as the project manager for the improvements at the motocross track.

Commissioner Tony Martines said that he is excited about the project and it has been a long time coming, stating that a lot has happened recently. He remembers the motocross track being one of the leading tracks in the state with high visibility and many visitors. With the times changing and dollars getting tighter, Commissioner Martines explained that the track was not what it used to be and people stopped coming.

Parker approached the commissioners with interest in doing something proactive to once again make the track a destination for both visitors and community members.

“I want to commend Nick and this group he is a part of, Carbon Emery MX, for doing it the right way,” said Commissioner Martines.

Parker was joined at Wednesday’s meeting by Scott Wheeler, who sits on a board with the State of Utah OHV Fiscal Incentive Grant (FIG) program. The program had money available to assist with projects such as these, and after learning about the track, Wheeler and Parker met with Commissioner Martines to learn what the county wished to see.

A board was created that consists of five members, including Parker. A meeting was then hosted with 36 community members in attendance who all wished to help. Through the combined efforts, a grant was awarded for the project with a total amount of $162,500, with an in-kind match from the county.

This in-kind match does not require cash, which means that it can be met by utilizing equipment, labor and volunteer help. The grant will cover track maintenance, repairs, ticket booth construction, funds for marketing and more. Parker also informed the commissioners that there are at least two promoters currently inquiring about hosting races.

Wheeler then informed the commissioners that the county is welcome to apply again for the grant the following year to continue maintenance and tackle other projects. The commissioners ultimately approved Parker as the project manager, while also approving the grant funding for the track.

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