Carbon County Moves to Moderate Transmission Level


After months in the high transmission level for COVID-19, Carbon County made a recent move to the moderate designation. Emery County and Grand County remain in the high transmission level.

According to the Southeast Utah Health Department, the transmission level corresponds directly to case rates, positivity rates and ICU utilizations. This data is evaluated each week, meaning levels can change from week to week.

In Carbon County, 1,391 patients have tested positive for COVID-19. Of these, 76 cases remain active while 1,304 have recovered. One Carbon County patient is currently hospitalized due to the virus while 49 others were formerly hospitalized. There have been 11 deaths of Carbon County residents due to the virus, including 10 men and one women, all of which were hospitalized at the time of death.

Emery County has recorded 779 cases of COVID-19, 57 of which remain active as 714 patients have recovered. There are no Emery County patients currently hospitalized due to the virus; however, 22 were formerly hospitalized. Emery County has recorded eight deaths, including six men in the 65-84 age range, one woman in the 45-64 age range and one woman in the 65-84 age range.

In Grand County, 658 patients have tested positive for the virus. Of these, 66 cases remain active as 589 have recovered. Three Grand County patients are currently hospitalized due to the virus while 19 others were formerly hospitalized. Two Grand County men over the age of 85 have died due to the virus as well as one man in the 45-64 age range.

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