Carbon County Native Pedals for Prevention


Heather Bone may look like any other young adult from Carbon County. She currently works trying to save up money for college and enjoys things that others her age enjoy. However, beneath the surface, this young woman has done something truly amazing.

Having heard about cases of suicide both in Carbon County and her extended family, Bone admits that the subject has always been a close one to her heart. So, she decided to do something that would have an impact on others for the better; and thus, the Love Your Life Project was born.

On June 9, Bone started on her Unavega 10 Speed, which she named Maximus, and started the first day of a journey that would take her across the nation for nearly two and a half months and into various states to raise her message about suicide prevention.

Starting in San Francisco, Bone’s trip took her to several different states and led her to meet many different people, her favorite part of the journey. As she met them, she would video record them answering one simple question: “What do you live for?”

Taking these inspirational responses, Bone is currently working on a short film that she hopes to release in the near future and share with all those who could benefit from this message.

Though just as in any endeavor, Bone’s journey did not come without challenges. In describing how she felt the first day of her journey, Bone uses one word: terrifying. “I was all by myself,” Bone explained. With only a tent, a sleeping bag, thee days worth of food and two days worth of water, it is easy to understand where her fear was coming from.

Her days were full of pedaling and talking to people, and her nights were spent in campgrounds, grounds of churches and even parks. However, as Bone interacted with others, her fears departed. “After I interviewed the first person, I realized this is what it is all about.” Bone explained. “It’s not about me, it’s about the cause.”

With that in mind, Bone’s journey continued day after day, person after person, until it finished on Aug. 19 in Yorktown Va. “It’s definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding,” Bone said. “I hope that I’ve inspired others to love their life.”

So, the question is now posed to all of us: what do you live for? Heather Bone has surely shown us her answer to that question.


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