Carbon County Recreation Presents Dutch Oven Cooking Class

Many know the basics of cooking in a Dutch oven. They know how to fix killer Dutch oven potatoes and may even have mastered preparation of a nice fruit cobbler, but did you know you can also use your cast iron friend to bake casseroles in your kitchen oven, or bake a turkey? What about using a cast-iron skillet on top of your kitchen stove to make a killer omelet?

Carbon County Recreation and Dutch oven cooking specialist Layne Miller are sponsoring a Dutch oven cooking extravaganza April 23 at the new Carbon Rec office now located in the old Senior Citizen Center office on Carbon Ave. adjacent to the railroad tracks. The new recreation center home features a commercial-sized kitchen with an adjacent covered concrete slab suitable for heating your eatable delights using temperature-controlled charcoal briquettes technique- a perfect combination.

The class will feature tips on meal preparation, Layne’s secret tips on how to fulfill all your culinary black-pot dreams inside your kitchen, and his widely sought after secrets on cooking while camping using a Dutch oven. This is the first time a class has ever been offered locally that covers tips for cooking inside your home and outside while camping with a Dutch oven.

Date: April 23rd 10 a.m.
Location: New Carbon County Recreation office 30 East 200 South Price (old senior citizen center)
Class begins at 10 a.m. and will last until you finish a crowd-pleasing lunch for your family (about 2 p.m.)
Fee: $25 per person (does not include food)
Bring your menu ingredients and prepare them in the agency’s giant kitchen or bring the ingredients chopped and ready to cook.
Menu tips: Your cooking will take place just outside the kitchen under a covered concrete space using charcoal briquettes. Anything you can cook in or on a stove can be cooking inside a Dutch oven, so Layne stresses you don’t have to use a “Dutch oven recipe,” any recipe will work. Many families have treasured Dutch oven recipes passed down over generations and a special feature of the class will be an activity to share recipes. We will put together a mini cookbook for participants to take home.

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