Carbon County Recreation Presents Money Raised to Rita Vigor


On the second Saturday in October at the softball complex next to the fairgrounds in Price, a softball tournament took place that was named “Battin’ for Boobies.” The tournament was hosted to raise money for Rita Vigor, a breast cancer patient.

At the Carbon County Commission meeting Wednesday evening, Frank Ori with Carbon County Recreation was in attendance to present a check to Vigor from the money raised at the tournament.

“More than just presenting the check, I want to recognize the people that helped make this possible,” Ori said, who also thanked the commission for its support. “You guys help make everything possible.”

Rochelle Badback approached Ori and requested that the tournament be hosted to raise the funds. Badback, along with family, spent the day grilling food for all in attendance while multiple softball games were played. In the end, a total of $3,151.39 was raised.

Vigor also spoke briefly and said thank you to the commissioners and stated how much she appreciates everybody that has been supporting her. “It is very humbling to see how many people care and would go out of their way to help me,” Vigor said.

Ori then informed everyone that he is going to make sure that the second Saturday in October is reserved for an annual softball tournament for breast cancer awareness and fundraising.

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