Carbon County Royalty Gives Yearly Recap


The Miss Carbon County Royalty members visited the commissioners on Wednesday evening to present their yearly recap. Carbon County’s Mini Miss began by stating that she enjoyed the service projects and helping with the ribbon cuttings.

Each member of royalty took time to address the commissioners, with many of them stating that they loved helping the Secret Santa and Sub for Santa programs, providing gifts for children in the community. Another well-loved event for the royalty was the many parades, with Scofield’s Fourth of July parade named often. Other projects mentioned included Kiwanis Kid’s Day, Helper Saturday Vibes, the Renaissance Fair and the annual radio auction.

The commissioners were thanked, one by one, by each member of this year’s royalty for the support that they have given to the organization. They also expressed appreciation for the opportunity to serve.

The last to present, Miss Carbon County Peyton Anderson, gave the commissioners stickers from Primary Children’s Hospital regarding her platform.

She stated that this year was amazing and each of the girls serving with her are astonishing in everything that they do and have done for the community just this year. Anderson also shared that her favorite memory was going to Castle Heights and speaking with the fifth grade students.

“I’m very thankful for your guys’ support in everything that we have done,” said Anderson.

Following, the commissioners thanked the royalty for representing the county in all that they have accomplished this year. The commissioners were then invited to the pageants, which are slated to take place in August.

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