Carbon County Schools Celebrate Red Ribbon Week *PHOTO GALLERY*


The annual Red Ribbon Week took place throughout Carbon County the past two weeks. The event aims to bring awareness of the potential dangers of drugs and encourages prevention and positive action to reduce drug issues in schools. At Carbon High, the week is sponsored by Friends of Rachel, an organization that works towards spreading kindness throughout the community.

Different activities took place daily at each school in the district. At the end of the week, students are asked to sign a pledge to be drug free. The goal is that through programs like Red Ribbon Week, the drug problem in Carbon County will be reduced.

Carbon High students were “spotted being drug free” on Polka Dot Day, Wellington celebrated with Hat Day and children “disguised” themselves from drugs at Castle Heights.

Creekview students also joined the Red Ribbon Week activities with hair raising fun. On Crazy Hair Day, many wild hairdos were seen throughout school on students and teachers alike.

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