Carbon County Schools Compete in Annual Science Fair


The annual Carbon School District Science Fair was hosted on Jan. 22 and 23 at Mont Harmon Middle School. One hundred seventy four students from Carbon High School, Mont Harmon Middle School and Helper Middle School competed in the fair, submitting a grand total of 158 projects in various categories.

Science fair chairman Doug Morris, a science teacher at Carbon High School, said that by participating in science fair, participants learn how to problem solve and follow through on commitment.

“While participating in science fair, there will always be challenges,” he said. “Through science fair, students learn to overcome barriers, which will prepare them for the future and anything else they do.”

According to Morris, students gain the ability to use the scientific method in their daily lives to solve problems.

“Students may or may not describe it as the scientific method but  it teaches students to put into practice what they learn,” he said.

Category awards were given to students in the junior and senior fairs. Other organizations and businesses also gave awards to projects of special interest. USU-Eastern presented three scholarships to Luke Hansen, Dallen Twedell and Mersedez Clifford.

Students who placed in their category were considered for the Southern Utah Science and Engineering Fair. Those who were recommended for the regional fair will compete in March at Southern Utah University.

Results of the science fair are below.

Category Awards-Science Fair Winners Reporting Sheet for 2015
Category Junior Division School
Animal Science
1st place Sofia Crompton Mont Harmon
2nd place Cami Taylor Mont Harmon
3rd place Alexandra Cartwright Helper
Behavioral & Social Science
1st place Ryan Brady Mont Harmon
2nd place Grace Broadbear Mont Harmon
3rd place Abbie Saccomano Helper
Honorable Mention Jeweliana Nielsen Mont Harmon
Honorable Mention SayDee Johnson Mont Harmon
1st place Austin Engar Mont Harmon
2nd place Merrick Morgan Mont Harmon
3rd place Caitlyn Dimick Mont Harmon
Honorable Mention Mallory Chiara Mont Harmon
Honorable Mention Makade Bradley Mont Harmon
Honorable Mention Blake Grundy Mont Harmon
Earth & Environment
1st place Emily Jesperson Mont Harmon
2nd place Natale Van Dyke Mont Harmon
3rd place Kaylie Sharp Mont Harmon
Honorable Mention Dalton Anderson Mont Harmon
Honorable Mention Raegan Worley Mont Harmon
Math and Computer Science
1st place Paige Jensen Mont Harmon
2nd place Brendan Udovich Mont Harmon
3rd place
1st place Tyler Yoklavich Helper
2nd place James Bryner Mont Harmon
3rd place Jordan Timothy Mont Harmon
Honorable Mention Sean Childs Mont Harmon
Honorable Mention Kacee Barrett Mont Harmon
Honorable Mention Michael Banaksy Mont Harmon
Medicine & Health
1st place Jessica Hansen Mont Harmon
2nd place Torie Hammack Mont Harmon
3rd place Jack Christensen Mont Harmon
Physics & Astronomy
1st place Jacob Williams Mont Harmon
2nd place Kagen Rhodes Mont Harmon
3rd place Derek Hillam Mont Harmon
Plant Science
1st place Ethan Daniels Mont Harmon
2nd place Kylee Kranendonk Helper
3rd place McKenna Dougal Mont Harmon
Product Testing
1st place Emma Christensen Mont Harmon
2nd place Nicholas Olson Mont Harmon
2nd place Patrick Kardelis Helper
3rd place Adriana Payan Mont Harmon
3rd place Parker Humes Mont Harmon
Senior Division Senior Division School
Animal Science
1st place Dallen Twedell Carbon High
2nd place Breanna Nielsen Carbon High
3rd place Zaharah Rossi Carbon High
Behavioral & Social Science
1st place Cali Fossat/Makenna Pendergrass/Jordan West Carbon High
2nd place Lauren Engar Carbon High
3rd place Sydney Ho Carbon High
Honorable Mention Kinley Nelson Carbon High
Honorable Mention Viviana Vega Archuleta Carbon High
1st place NONE
2nd place
3rd place
Cellular & Molecular Biology
1st place NONE
2nd place
3rd place
1st place Harrison Torgerson Carbon High
2nd place Connor Holyoak/Dalton Latimer Carbon High
3rd place Ashley Leautaud/Kennedy Noyes Carbon High
Computer Science
1st place Tyler Pierce Carbon High
2nd place
3rd place
Earth & Planetary Science
1st place NONE
2nd place
3rd place
Engineering: Electrical & Mech.
1st place Mersedez Clifford Carbon High
2nd place Bladen Ori Carbon High
3rd place
Engineering: Materials & Bio.
1st place NONE
2nd place
3rd place
Energy & Transportation
1st place Luke Hansen Carbon High
2nd place Andrew Richens Carbon High
3rd place Katrina Edwards/Gwyneth Kardelis Carbon High
Environmental Science
1st place Vincent Anella Carbon High
2nd place
3rd place
Environmental Management
1st place Taylor Gagon Carbon High
2nd place
3rd place
1st place Paul Bryner Carbon High
2nd place Jack Jeppson Carbon High
3rd place Alex Thayn Carbon High
Medicine & Health
1st place Zoey Kourianos Carbon High
2nd place Bradie Lindsay/Alyssa Santi Carbon High
3rd place Miranda Blanton/Megan Mower Carbon High
1st place Shannon Baker Carbon High
2nd place Makayla Moynier Carbon High
3rd place Suparada Chaobol Carbon High
Physics & Astronomy
1st place Misael Sanchez/Robert Llewelyn Carbon High
2nd place
3rd place
Plant Science
1st place Candace Gagnon Carbon High
2nd place Kolton Anselmo/Ambrie Reed Carbon High
3rd place Rachel Walton Carbon High
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