Carbon County Seeks Input on Graphite Solar Community Reinvestment Project Area


The Carbon County Redevelopment Agency recently announced that it will be hosting a public hearing in January that pertains to the draft project area plan as well as the budget for the proposed Graphite Solar Community Reinvestment Project Area.

This public hearing is slated to take place on Jan. 15 and will begin promptly at 4:30 p.m. (or as soon thereafter as possible). Those that wish to be a part of the public hearing should plan to be at the Carbon County Commission Chambers located inside the county’s administration building, located at 751 East 100 North in Price, at the aforementioned time.

As explained by the agency, there are several purposes to this public hearing. The first is to allow public comment on the draft project plan and the budget for the area. The second is to allow public comment on the project area plan as well as the project area budget regarding whether each should be revised, approved or rejected. The third and final purpose of the hearing is to receive all written objections and hear all oral objections to the plan and budget.

Those that wish to view a map and legal description of the proposed project area prior to the hearing are able to do so by contacting Carbon County or clicking here.

The agency has made the request for an estimated $4.39 million in property tax revenues that will be generated by development within the project area. This will fund a portion of project costs within the area. The property tax revenues will be used for mandatory housing allocation, incentives to developers, agency administrative expenses and the like. The property taxes will be taxes levied by Carbon County, Carbon School District, Carbon Water Conservancy District, Price River Water Improvement District and the Carbon County Municipal Service Fund.

All of the taxes that will be paid to the agency for the development in the project area are taxes that will be generated only if the project area is developed.

The draft project area plan, as well as the project area budget, are both available at the administration building during regular business hours. It was stated that all taxing entities are invited to consult with the agency regarding the project area plan and budget prior to the hearing. To meet or ask questions beforehand, contact Carbon County Attorney Christian Bryner at (435) 636-3704.

Written comments will be received at the administration building prior to the public hearing as well.

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