Carbon County Sheriff’s Office Continues Trainings, Gives Weekly Update


By Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood

The sheriff’s office is excited for Deputy Chad Marrelli, as he started the law enforcement block of the Utah Police Academy this week. Chad tested for a position as a patrol Deputy and accepted this position. He has already completed most of his field training and we are looking forward to him completing this training.

We have completed the second session of our annual firearms day and low light qualification and had a lot of fun with this training. The administration has been working with community partners to address our local substance abuse issues, sober living home issues, as well as homeless issues in our community. It is nice to see our community pulling together to address these issues.

The sheriff’s office has had a lot of success with keeping the community informed through our local media sources and we are grateful for the opportunities afforded by local radio, newspaper, television as well as social media. We are in the process of getting our inmate work crews established and will be doing a few projects this week as a testing process. Public safety, officer safety as well as the safety of the inmates participating in the program are the top priorities. We are excited to provide a community service that will also serve as an opportunity for inmates to give back to the community.

The sheriff’s office is in the process of obtaining a grant to fund officer worn body cameras. We feel that these cameras will assist our deputies in their day to day duties and provide an extra layer of security for the deputies as well as the citizens of the community.

I wanted to mention that the sheriff’s office takes great pride in its equipment and we recognize that this equipment is provided at the expense of the community. We will strive to keep our equipment maintained and well taken care of.
I hope everyone has a great week and remind all of our local public safety professionals to be safe out there. Now that school is out of session, please keeps an eye out for our children playing near the roadways in our community.

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