Carbon County Sheriff’s Office Forms Honor Guard


The Carbon County Sheriff’s Office has created a honor guard that will serve at a multitude of events and other happenings in the county.

Sheriff Jeff Wood said the idea behind the guard is that, while there was one lacking in the county until now, they will be able to be involved in many scenarios, such as funerals, sporting events and more. There are around one dozen individuals currently serving on the guard.

Seven riflemen serve as the center and there is also a bugle player. Sheriff Wood explained that at a funeral, there would be a sergeant, chief deputy and himself at the casket and the widow or widower would be presented with a flag. A funeral is where the full guard would be utilized.

However, Sheriff Wood stated there will be more of a presence than that. Following discussions with USU Eastern, the guard is planning on attending sporting events and opening the game by presenting colors or running the flag up the pole.

Four or five members of the guard would be needed for sporting events and would bring the American flag, as well as the Utah flag, to march with. The members of guard are all current members of the sheriff’s office. This is a volunteer service. Sheriff Wood expressed that they were fortunate enough to have Sgt. Dave Brewer’s son, who is a Marine, teach the guard the ins and outs.

“It’s for the community, that we want to do it,” Sheriff Wood concluded.

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