Carbon County Sheriff’s Office Gives Update on Training, Jail and Eight Academy Graduates


By Cletis Steele, Carbon County Sheriff’s Office

Over the past several weeks, Sheriff Jeff Wood and I have been involved in several different training opportunities. During these training sessions we have been briefed by the BLM and Forest Service on new road closures. We have also had the opportunity to attend a SWAT debriefing where we learned valuable techniques and strategies for our SWAT team. We were lucky enough to attend training concerning the legal use of marijuana in Colorado and the negative effects it has had on their communities. We have also had the opportunity to research several new video cameras for vehicles and deputies. Overall, it has been a great couple of weeks.

Since April 1, our jail occupancy has grown from 40 inmates to 70. This only goes to show how the seasons and warm weather changes our jail population and criminal activity. Our deputies have been very busy and are handling all calls with professionalism and making sure that they take all calls personal as they are dealing with people.

We continue to be impressed with the local agencies working together for the greater cause, with nobody having the attitude that they want all the credit. We are all involved in the criminal justice system and we are all on the same team. We are not in this battle by ourselves, but together.

A few things we have learned over the past couple of weeks is that communication is very important and we cannot assume anything. We need to realize that proper planning equals victory and being well trained in our jobs is better than being lucky.

On April 8, we had eight employees graduate from USU Eastern’s first police academy class and we are very proud of their hard work. Not only did they attend and complete the academy, they did so while still completing their daily employment tasks and taking care of their families. Congratulations to Lt. Justin Sherman, Deputy Zach Palacios, Deputy Aaron Powell, Deputy Casey Alton, Deputy Andrea Haight, Deputy Erik Buchmiller, Deputy Nathan Hepworth and Deputy Ryan Crary.

I just want to emphasize the fact and let our community know that without question, all employees of the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office will take full responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable. Sometimes we have to make split second decisions and I know that with the experience of our hard working and dedicated staff, we will do everything we can to make the correct decisions.



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