Carbon County Sheriff’s Office Personnel Take Time to Visit with Local Students


By Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood

We have had a good week at the sheriff’s office this week. I would like to thank Sally Mauro Elementary School for allowing our Emergency Management Team along with Helper Fire, Price Fire and the Forest Service to participate in an assembly on safety this week. Carbon County Emergency Manager Justin Needles gave a presentation on fire safety for the kids. The fire departments brought fire trucks, the sheriff’s office had our mobile command post there and Smoky the Bear came as well. It was a great opportunity to interact with the kids in the school and was fun for our officers.

I would also like to thank Pinnacle Canyon Academy for allowing our deputies the opportunity to go to the school and interact with the students. It was my privilege to meet the second and third graders. We had fun interacting with them. Sgt. Brewer, Deputy Alton and I were given the opportunity to read to the kids; later in the day the kindergarteners came to the Sheriff’s Office for a tour. They were able to walk through the mobile command post and the emergency management offices. They also toured the sheriff’s office as well as the jail. This was a great opportunity for our deputies to interact with the kids and let the kids get to know our team.

With the warmer weather promoting outdoor activities in our lives, I wanted to take a minute and remind everyone of the basic rules of firearm safety.

Rule 1: always treat every gun as if it were loaded.
Rule 2: never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy or pay for.
Rule 3: always be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
Rule 4: keep your finger off of the trigger until your sights are on your target and you are ready to fire.

These basic rules should always be followed, I would like to remind everyone to be safe and enjoy the outdoors as often as possible.

I would like to thank our community for supporting our local law enforcement. I am grateful to be in the position of sheriff and look forward to the challenges ahead.

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