Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, Price City Youth Council Volunteer for Carbon Caring for Kids


The Carbon County Sheriff’s Office recently teamed up with the Price City Youth Council to take time out of their schedules and give back in the form of volunteer work. The two conjoined groups met with Carbon Caring for Kids to ensure that no child in the area went hungry over Christmas break.

In less than an hour, 150 large kits were assembled by the teams. The effort that was put into the food donations, scavenger hunts, organization of the bags and packing of the kits was insurmountable and Tiffany Noyes of Carbon Caring for Kids stated that the effort makes it possible to help feed the local children.

The group expressed their deepest appreciation to the volunteers for their hard work and it was stated that Carbon and Emery counties always make sure to take care of one another.

“We could not continue with this week after week without the support of our community,” Noyes stated.

Kits vary each week as the Carbon Caring for Kids organization works with local schools to identify the needs of students. Donations are then accepted and distributed to those in need in a discrete, confidential manner. The undertaking is especially large during the holidays as the organization aims to ensure each child has plenty of food for the long holiday break.

To stay updated on donation requests and volunteer opportunities for the local organization, join the Carbon Caring for Kids group on Facebook. 

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