Carbon County Sheriff’s Office Releases Updated Flood Information and Statistics


Carbon County Sheriff’s Office Press Release 

As of Friday, there have been 160 reports of damaged property in the Carbon County area. We are continuing to ask residents and business owners to call the helpline to report any damage, even if you were not in one of the majorly affected area’s (Spring Glen, Helper, Carbonville, Westwood), please call us and report any damage you have. Part of the process over the next few weeks will be to assess and improve our infrastructure and response capabilities county wide. We can only do this effectively if we know where the damage occurred. Also, there is a link on the Carbon County’s website ( for individuals to complete a form that will report the damage to us. Residents may still call the help line at (435) 472-HELP (4357) through the weekend. Starting Monday, you will need to go to our website and fill out the online form to report damage or call the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office directly at (435) 636-3251.

For further information regarding the flood and any FEMA documents or information on assistance to homeowners, please visit Carbon County’s website and click on the link “Flood Information”. Just to clarify, any money the county may obtain in the future for hazard mitigation can’t be used for individuals. However, residents should keep good records of any money or time and effort they spend to clean up or repair damages. There is the possibility that at least some of that money spent could be written off on their taxes or should other FEMA, CDBG, state or local funds become available in the future, this documentation will be invaluable.

The American Red Cross will not be available in our community starting today. We want to express our sincere thanks for their assistance during our time of need.

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Carbon County Sheriff’s Office
Carbon County


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