Carbon County Sheriff’s Office Spreads the Word About Yellow Dot Program


By Aajah Beinholt

Chief Deputy Tom Stefanoff and Lt. Tory Christiansen from the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office visited with senior citizens to discuss the counties adoption of the Utah Yellow Dot Program on Wednesday.

According to the sheriff’s office, the program is simple but can make a large impact in saving lives by assisting first response teams to better understand patients.

The process is simple:

Participating motorists complete a bright yellow informational document, attach an identification photograph and keep it in their vehicle glove box.

A designated Yellow Dot sticker is then placed in the rear window of the vehicle to allow emergency responders to quickly identify a participating vehicle.

Emergency responders can then review the Yellow Dot form, identify the crash victim using the attached photograph and can often begin treatment immediately with knowledge of existing medical conditions and medications.

In cases of unfortunate outcome, important contact information is also on the card.

The Yellow Dot form can be sent with the patient when transported to the hospital.

Forms were distributed at the Carbon County Senior Citizen Center and packets are also being provided at the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office.

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