Carbon County SWAT Team Conducts Training in Scofield


By Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood

Last week, the sheriff’s office took advantage of the current snow pack in the Scofield area to do some training and check on some of the cabins in the remote areas. Our SWAT team was able to train on tactics and movement in the deep snow as well as snowmobile operations. They were also able to perform some extra patrols and security checks on homes located in the areas of Aspen Cove, Mountain Home Subdivision and the Bolotas Subdivision. It was great training as well as a good opportunity to conduct these extra patrols.

This week, several members of the local law enforcement team had the opportunity to meet with Congressman Jason Chavetz at USU Eastern. I was pleased to meet him and listen to his views on some the national topics that affect our area.

We are still working towards completing the night predator hunting ordinance and I am hopeful it will be completed soon. I want to remind everyone that if you are going shed antler hunting, you must complete the ethics course. This course is required if you are going to gather antlers between February 1 and April 15. The weather has been nice the past few days, but always be aware of avalanche danger and be prepared when hiking in the back country.

I would like to thank our community for supporting our local law enforcement. I am grateful to be in the position of sheriff and look forward to the challenges ahead.

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