Carbon County to Apply for Grant Aimed at Obtaining Drug K9


During their Wednesday evening meeting, the Carbon County Commissioners had a conversation with Sheriff Jeff Wood regarding a special furry member of the force.

Sheriff Wood spoke on having a K9 at the sheriff’s office, stating that they began with a donated dog that could not pass the requirements to be a drug dog. That dog now lives with the sheriff.

From there, the sheriff’s office reached out to the community and asked for donations. The community responded well and paid for about one third of what the dog cost. Sheriff Wood then found a grant opportunity that would pay for the remainder. The CCJJ grant comes from monies that are seized throughout the state through drug seizures.

The county is eligible to participate in that grant due to having given money from seizures in the past. At this point in the process, Sheriff Wood stated that he must receive permission from the commissioners to continue with the application.

A total of $3,600 will be given if the grant is accepted and there is nothing expected from the sheriff’s office in return. The dog is already trained and graduates from schooling next week.

Sheriff Wood stated that he did have specific criteria for the dog, wishing to have a dog that was community-oriented and could be taken anywhere without being aggressive. While it was a bit difficult, Sheriff Wood informed the commissioners they did find the right dog that is great around people.

The commissioners made the motion to allow Sheriff Wood to apply for the grant.

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