Carbon County to Continue With COVID-19 Restrictions


As Utah enters into the moderate risk, or orange, phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, many counties are re-considering how businesses and public spaces should be utilized. At the Carbon County Commission meeting that took place on Wednesday evening, this subject was tackled.

Carbon County Attorney Christian Bryner took the helm of the discussion, stating that the state’s emergency declaration had not been rescinded, but was under different guidelines. Since the deadline, there has been seven cases of COVID-19 in Carbon County. Restrictions on citizens and businesses, which are having an impact economically and otherwise, are still imposed.

Bryner advised the commissioners that he believed they should continue to declare that the county is still in an emergency situation. This would make the county available for support and resources. Bryner stated that it is becoming commonplace and many are getting used to being under restrictions, but there is still a strain on the way business is now conducted.

From there, Bryner took time to explain to those tuning in what the moderate risk tier of the phase means. Continuing with the declaration was then approved by the commissioners.

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