Carbon County to Enter Green Phase


Utah Governor Gary Herbert announced that Carbon County will enter the green phase of the Utah Leads Together plan effective Friday, Sept. 11. On that day, Carbon County and Box Elder County will join 11 other counties in the state that are already in the green phase.

Utah Leads Together is the governor’s plan to mitigate the economic consequences of COVID-19. “Utah leaders remain confident that as the COVID-19 pandemic ends, Utah will emerge even stronger,” the state’s COVID-19 task force shared. “This plan provides clarity, confidence and context for that recovery.”

In the green phase, the general public is encouraged to follow current and local public health precautions, such as using facial covering in business and social setting when physical distancing is not feasible. All business can operate under the green phase and are encouraged to follow the state’s guidelines for employers.

“As restrictions are lifted in the New Normal phase, the likelihood of COVID-19 spread is increased,” the task force shared. “Because of this, the following are strongly encouraged for all individuals: general public follows current federal and local public health precautions; symptomatic individuals should not attend social gatherings; hygiene measures, physical distancing, face coverings, and symptom monitoring are encouraged for all group gatherings.”

A state graph showing the phase for each county can be seen below. For a comprehensive guide to the green phase, please click here. 

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