Carbon County to Offer Discounted Dumping Rates to Cities


At the Wednesday evening Carbon County Commission meeting, Commissioner Larry Jensen informed his fellow commissioners that he had a meeting with Price City a number of days prior regarding the spring clean-up. For about 40 years, the city has offered this clean-up to the citizens.

When the county began charging fees to take garbage to the landfill, the county waived all of the fees that Price City picked up from resident yards. This amounted to a cost of about $32,000 to the county and Commissioner Jensen said to the city that they probably would not be able to waive the fees any longer. The city adjusted on their end to not host the clean-up this year.

As part of the discussion, Commissioner Jensen offered to give the cities a discounted rate. This was not a request from Price City but rather a proposal from Commissioner Jensen. The discount would just be for the cities, not individual citizens. The discount was then approved by the commission.

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