Carbon County to Put Tax on 2015 Ballot That Will Improve County-Wide Transportation


Carbon County Commissioners approved a resolution on Wednesday that will add the .25% Local Option General Sales Tax on the November 2015 ballot.

It was explained at the meeting that the revenue from the tax would be used for the transportation district. The tax will add .0025 per dollar tax, or the equivalent of $.01 per $4 spent, on general goods excluding food and food ingredients. Funds from the tax will be used for the purpose of transportation improvements in the county such as roads, sidewalks, trails, maintenance and safety features. The revenue will be divided among the county, towns and cities if voters are in favor of the tax.

“This is the vote of the people,” commissioner Casey Hopes explained. “Everything that is in the city’s and the county’s budget will remain there.”

In recent months, commissioners received letters of support for the tax from Price, Wellington and Helper city councils. With the support of the cities, all commissioners voted in favor of the tax being presented on the ballot in November.

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