Carbon County Tourism Presents Free Informational Session on the Airbnb Experience


The Artist’s River House in Helper.

In Carbon and Emery counties, Airbnb participation is on a quick rise as more and more real estate in both counties are being turned into these convenient rental options. The Airbnb platform also promotes unique experiences on its website, helping travelers not only find a play to stay, but also discover things to do once they get there.

With this in mind, the state of Utah teamed up with the Airbnb Experience in order to bring knowledge to Carbon and Emery counties. Tina Henrie, Carbon County Tourism Specialist, will team up with Utah Office of Tourism Destination Development to provide a one-day information session.

This session, which is free and open to the public, will cover the following:

What is Airbnb looking for in an experience?

  • The experience is led by a knowledgeable and passionate host
  • Guests participate hands-on or are immersed in an activity
  • It gives guests access to a special place or community
  • It tells the story from a host’s unique perspective

The following things don’t qualify as an Airbnb experience:

  • Large and impersonal tours
  • An event with no clear host
  • A service (e.g. airport transportation)
  • Something guests could easily find on their own

This informational session is a way for local community members in Castle Country to begin or grow a business or service and monetize it.

“After all, you are already doing what you love and what you’re passionate about. Why not turn it into some extra income for yourself?” Henrie stated. She also noted that Airbnb experiences are not exclusive to only those who stay in Airbnbs; they are open to everyone.

For individuals that believe that they do, or could, offer a service that would be of interest to those that may book an Airbnb in the area, this meeting is the place to be to find out how to utilize that potential. Some of those services could be ATV rides/tours, massages, photography lessons, bike rides, ghost tours, historic tours, cooking classes, pottery and art, river rafting, paddle boarding and more.

All of these services are managed by, simply by signing up. Carbon County Tourism is offering this informational meeting to help local individuals and businesses grow or get started. The meeting is slated to take place on May 2 beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Carbon County administration building in the commission chambers on the second floor.

To find out even more about the types of service that pertain to the Airbnb experience, click here.

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