Carbon County Welcomes 2020 with New Tourism Council


Carbon County Tourism Press Release

The Carbon County Office of Tourism is preparing for 2020 with a new Tourism Council formally known as the Tax Advisory Board.

Tina Henrie, Carbon County Tourism Specialist, presented the idea to the Carbon County Commission in the fall of 2019 to have the Tax Advisory Board be the entity that would help implement the new Destination Development Plan. As a one-person department, it was very important for Henrie to find a team of people interested in the industry who could bring new ideas and talents to assist in tourism development.

Like most other counties in the state, a tourism council not only helps with giving recommendations on how to spend the tourism budget, but they also help with marketing ideas and projects. With efforts from tourism, the board has increased to seven voting members with the majority being from tourism-related businesses. Non-voting members, such as city representation, recreation and commission, also take part on the board.

The Tax Advisory Board or Tourism Council is a required entity for a county receiving Transient Room Tax and Restaurant Tax. Each board shall advise the county legislative body on the best use of revenues collected from the tax allowed under Section 59-12-301 by providing the legislative body with a priority listing for proposed expenditures based on projected available tax revenues.

The new assigned Tourism Council will assist Carbon County Tourism in bolstering awareness of the brand, Carbon Corridor, as well as develop a wayfinding system, identify, pursue and create funding opportunities, build momentum around outdoor activities, and assist in implementing programs to develop local ambassadors.

The new board will meet for the first time on Wednesday, Jan. 14 at 4 p.m. in the first floor conference room of the Carbon County Administration Building. The board will continue to meet monthly to discuss upcoming projects that pertain to the Destination Development Plan as well as report back on items they have been working on.

The Tourism Council also makes recommendations on how the budget for events should be allocated. If you have an upcoming event in 2020 that is in need of funding and you believe your event will increase visitation to the area, please stop by the Carbon County Visitor Center located at 751 E. 100 N., Suite 2600 in Price to get an application for consideration. Those with questions may call Tina Henrie at (435) 636-3701.

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