Carbon County Welcomes JK Bon Bon’s


On Friday, Carbon County welcomed a sweet addition to the businesses of Price Main Street with  JK Bon Bon’s. The owners, Nick Winfield and Jonathan Arriola, were  thrilled to announce the opening of the chocolate store, and promise a unique experience.

“We want to spread hopes, dreams, and wonder to the people of Price,” said Arriola.

JK Bon Bon’s has been in the making since the end of February, but the men have been brainstorming for almost a year.

Chocolates are available in almost every flavor you could think of, as well as a few creations they came up with on their own. Of these creations, the knucklebar is compared to an inside out candy bar having a peanut base withВ chocolate and potato chips on the inside which adds a crunchy texture.

“We really like to experiment with texture,” said Nick Winfield.

Aside from the knucklebar, they have a bon bon selectionВ with Pop Rocks baked in, along with many other creations and traditional favorites.

The great thing about JK Bon Bon’s is that every piece of chocolate is hand crafted.

“Each piece is made with the same amount of love,” said Winfield.

JK Bon Bon’s is В located on 9 East Main, and is open Monday-Saturday from 10-7 p.m. and is available for catering, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Challenge your taste buds today.

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