Carbon County’s March Employee of the Month Announced


Carbon County Human Resources Director Rose Barnes presented the March Employee of the Month to the Commissioners during their regularly scheduled Wednesday evening meeting.

This month, the honor went to Brenda Pappas of the Children’s Justice Center (CJC). Barnes stated that Pappas puts herself out there for everyone and does an exceptional job. She continued by expressing that Pappas has a vested interest in all that happens at the CJC.

From here, Pappas’ boss Shelley Wright took over, stating that the recognition was from the entire staff and was a unanimous decision that Pappas deserved to be nominated.

“If you come into our center any day of the week, any month of the year or any holiday, you will see it beautifully decorated,” Wright stated.

She went on to explain that the center has a warm, welcome feeling, which she completely credits to Pappas. She also detailed the past October, which was the first year that the CJC decided to open up part of the center as a spook alley and invite the entire community for a trunk or treat. Pappas took over and made it perfectly spooky. Wright concluded by thanking her and stating that she is very appreciated.

Pappas thanked all for her recognition, stating that it was great to get an award for doing what she loves.

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