Carbon County’s Seth Oveson Named Auditor of The Year for State of Utah


Pictured: Carbon County Clerk and Auditor Seth Oveson poses in the county’s commission chambers with the county’s logo on display behind him.

Take care of all records, distribute marriage as well as business licenses, help run elections and run all of the accounts payable and accounts receivable as well as payroll for the county and don’t forget to spend time as the chief budget officer and procurement officer for Carbon County.

And don’t forget to exhale when there’s a free moment.

Though Seth Oveson’s job description may sound like a never-ending obstacle course, Carbon County’s Clerk and Auditor nonetheless manages to find joy in what he does.

That joy and love for his job has spurred Oveson on from the time he started working for Carbon County since late February of 2013 to now and, most notably, to him recently being named as the 2016 Auditor of the Year by the Utah Associations of Counties.

Oveson was chosen out of a total of 29 candidates and was selected for the award by a vote among the association.

“He’s well versed in his position,” said Carbon County’s Chief Deputy Alexis Horsley.

Horsley similarly praised Oveson for his commendable work with budgets, commissioners as well as those who need extra assistance in certain matters.

“He is a very pleasant guy, very kind-hearted,” continued Horsley “and I think he serves the public well.”

“We bounce from task to task and they’re all important,” Oveson said. “We don’t have many off months here.”

Small-town matters are nothing new to Oveson, however. The county’s clerk and auditor originally grew up in Emery’s Cleveland before moving to Cedar City in high school. Oveson stayed in the southern area of the Beehive State for his schooling, eventually graduating from Southern Utah University with a Master’s Degree in Accounting.

After his graduation and work in Denver, Oveson and his family returned to a smaller town to raise their family that then was composed of their five-year old daughter.

Though Oveson’s day-to-day life may leave many with a shortness of breath, the county official finds the challenge exhilarating.

“I like the excitement of it,” he said. That electricity, according to Oveson, can be found in several of the very many duties performed by Carbon County’s multitasking Clerk and Auditor.

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