Carbon Dino Spends Summer in Huntsman PathMaker Program


Alycia Colunga is a Carbon Dino that has been making waves. She’s a senior that has maintained outstanding grades and recently, she gave up her summer and favorite sport to focus on cancer research on adolescent genetic cancers.

“I was surprised how much goes into researching cancer,” Colunga said on her experience. “Everyone was working on something entirely different, but it’s all related to cancer research.”

Colunga had previously shared that growing up, she believed that cancer research was one thing, but now knows that there are many ways to research cancer.

Colunga is a native to the area and spent her summer in the PathMaker Program. While in the program, she worked with Echo Warner, PhD, and Ambreen Khan, CGC, MS, studying hereditary cancer risks for young adults.

It was stated that growing up, Colunga never noticed a doctor that looked like her. She has plans to advance to medical school in order for other young girls to see themselves within her, according to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

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