Carbon Dinos Awarded for a Year of Hard Work


To cap off the end of the 2023-24 school year, Carbon High School (CHS) hosted its annual end-of-year awards ceremony. Each year, the senior class is welcomed into the auditorium ahead of the rest of the student body to receive scholarship awards.

Scholarships and organizations participating this year included, but were not limited to, Price Kiwanis, Emery Telcom, the Ethan Winter Memorial, Jones & DeMille, the Teacher Memorial, the Intermountain Power Project, the S. Gale and Verna L. Chapman Scholarship, the Skilled Trades Education Pathways (STEPS) Scholarship and Poore.

A large amount of Carbon Dinos were awarded scholarships to assist in their future academic endeavors, with the scholarship amounts varying.

Some of the students awarded included Jade Gravley, Emma and Ella Anderson, Neeley Anderson, Alex Flores, Kyler Clark, Mia Crompton, Allie Smith, Dallas Metelko, Travis Moosman, Kyler Greenhalgh, Tyler Broadhead, Jersey Wayman, Alexis Gorley, Karlie Goulding, Haylie Holzer, Shalako Gunter, Eric Holt, Madison Sasser, Stella Feik, Hunter Pero, Allena Ison and Eliza Haddock.

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