Carbon District Implements “Test to Stay” Process Based on Legislative Action


Carbon School District Press Release

Carbon School District is in the process of sending out “Test-to-Stay” permission slips to parents around the district so they can adhere to House Bill 1007 that was passed by the legislature last session. These slips are necessary so that the district can be prepared in case they need to implement the process in one of the district schools.

Based on the bill, schools that experience more than 30 positive COVID cases at one time will implement the procedure on all students whose parents wish to have them remain in school classes. The bill provides for students who test negative to remain in classes as usual. They would also be allowed to participate in any school activities beyond the scope of classwork.

The tests would be given free by the Southeast Utah Health Department and would be administered for each individual school that might meet the criteria. Tests will be done by the agency at the school they attend. Students who test positive would be required to follow the quarantine regimen as set forth by the health department.

Remote learning will be available to all students who test positive and to those whose parents decline permission to test.

At the end of 10 days after the “Test-to-Stay” event, classes will resume as normal in a school, but will restart if 30 students once again test positive.

The signed parent permission form is valid during the entire 2021-22 school year.

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