Carbon Dominates Red Rocks Invitational


Stock photo by Jeff Barrett

The 2022 Red Rocks Invitational was hosted in Moab on Saturday, March 12, welcoming athletes from Carbon, Emery, San Juan, Monticello and more. Carbon High School had a phenomenal showing, coming in first place overall. The girls’ team recorded a 307.5 score while the boys earned 200 points.

In the girl’s 3200 meter, CHS junior Beverly Lancaster came in first with a time of 12:38.81, followed by fellow Dinos Ambree Jones, Mariah George and Ellie Hanson in second, third and fourth, respectively.

In the boy’s 3200, first place went to Emery High’s Jess Christiansen with a time of 9:59.54. He was followed by CHS’s Kobe Cruz and Braxton Ware in second and third place, as well as fellow Spartan Camden Larsen in fourth place at 10:44.95. Scoring continued in the boy’s 3200 with Emery’s Dillon Larsen in seventh place. He was followed by Pierce Bryner and Nathan Engar (CHS) in eight and ninth place. Finally, Mason Hurdsman of Emery rouned out the scoring in tenth.

Eminie Elliot of Carbon High was the first place finisher in the girls’ 100 meter hurdles with 17.78, followed by fellow Dinos Kinlee Lewis in third, Kenidee Gunter in sixth, Jaydea Price in eighth, Kalley Ellis in ninth and EmmaLee Miller in tenth. In the boys’ 110 meter hurdles, five Dinos placed, including Riley Palmer, fourth; Justus Clark, fifth; Logan Palmer, sixth; Eric Holt, seventh; and Mason Anderson, eighth.

Eminie Elliot once again made it to the top of the podium, this time in the girls’ 100 meter. She was followed by fellow Dinos Lyndee Mower, fourth; Amiah Timothy, fifth; Elizabeth Marshall, eighth; and Jordan Shorts, ninth. In the boys’ 100 meter, a lone Spartan and lone Dino made it into the top ten. They were Emery’s Creek Sharp in third and Carbon’s Nathan Hobbs in ninth.

The girls’ 400 meter saw Carbon’s Mia Crompton in first with 1:07.11, followed by fellow Dinos Lindsie Fausett in third and Ada Bradford in fourth. Lady Spartans’ Aubry Guymon, Aspen Hansen and Sophia Gardner placed fifth, seventh and tenth, respectively. In the boys’ 400 meter, CHS’s Easton Humes came in second at 53.86, followed by fellow Dino Nathan Hobbs in seventh and EHS’s Mason Hurdsman and Isaac Jensen in eighth and ninth, respectively. Dino Alvaro Zarate also finished in the top ten.

Carbon continued its dominance in the girls’ 4×100, earning first, while Emery took fifth. In the boys’ 4×100, Carbon came in third, followed by Emery in fourth. Lady Dinos Beverly Lancaster, Lindsie Fausett, Ambree Jones, Mariah George and Ada Bradford went second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth in the girls’ 1600 meter. They were joined by Spartan Addie Lester in seventh.

Emery’s Jess Christiansen and Carbon’s Braxton Ware took first and second, respectively, in the boys’ 1600 meter. They were joined by Carbon’s Easton Humes, Kobe Cruz and Garrett Black in fourth, fifth and eighth. Emery’s Camden Larsen and Jack Christiansen took sixth and ninth.

CHS’s Kinlee Lewis, Elizabeth Marshall, Kalley Ellis and Ella Anderson all placed in the top ten for the girls’ 300 meter. They were joined by Brynn Gordon of Emery High. In the boys’ 300 meter, Carbon’s Garrett Black, Mason Anderson, Riley Palmer, Jared Bryson and Josiah Trostle all placed in the top ten.

The Lady Dinos had great placing in the girls’ 800 meter, with Beverly Lancaster in first place at 2:38.22. She was joined by Lindsie Fausett, third; Mariah George, fourth; and Ada Bradford, fifth. Similarly, in the boys’ 800 meter, Braxton Ware of CHS placed first at 2:12.04. He was joined by fellow Dinos Easton Humes, second; Alvaro Zarate, fourth; and Garrett Black, ninth. Spartans’ Issac Jensen, fifth, and Jack Christiansen, seventh, joined the rankings.

For the girls’ sprint medley relay 2-2-4-8, Carbon High came in second and Emery placed fourth. For the boys, Emery placed first and Carbon came in fourth.

Lady Dinos Haylee Prescott (first place, 27.87), Mia Crompton (third, 29.66), Lyndee Mower (fifth, 30.43) and Jordan Shorts (eighth, 31.83) placed in the girls’ 200 meter. For the boys’ 200, Emery’s Creek Sharp came in third at 24.00. He was joined by fellow Spartan Boston Huntington in ninth at 26.1 and Dino Mason Vasquez at 26.49. In the girls’ 4×400, Carbon came in second and Emery in third. For the boys, Carbon took the top place and Emery earned third and fifth.

In the boy’s long jump, Pinnacle Panther Jonathan Kessler took second. He was joined by Dinos Traxton Jewkes, Nathan Hobbs, Ashton Ferguson, Gavin Miller and Mason Vasquez in third, fifth, sixth, seven and eighth, respectively. The Lady Dinos dominated the top ten in the long jump with Eminie Elliot, Haylee Prescott and Elizabeth Marshall in first, second and third place. They were joined by fellow Dinos Jordan Shorts, Rebecca Swasey, Kenidee Gunter, Amiah Timothy, Shalyce Ruahala and Jaydea Price in fifth through tenth place.

In the girls’ high jump, Carbon was once again in first place with Haylee Prescott. Emery’s Daciee Ungerman took second place, while CHS’s Kinlee Lewis, Amiah Timothy and Haley Garrish took sixth, seven and eighth place, respectively.

The Carbon and Emery boys had a great showing in the javelin, with Carbon’s Bowden Robinson, Nathan Morley and Mason Frame coming in first, second and sixth. Emery’s Derek Canterbery, Maddox Christman and Tavyn Allred took third, fourth and fifth.

In girls’ javelin, Tymber Bennett, Julia Shorts and Miriah Salee of Carbon High School took first, second and third place, respectively. They were joined by fellow Dino Janyssa Wadley in eighth place. Meanwhile, Pinnacle High’s Darolani Motte, Heather Kerr, Samantha Kessler and Kemery Stuckenschneider took fifth, sixth, ninth and tenth place.

In boys’ shot put, Emery’s Maddox Christman and Carbon’s Bradley Wood took first and second place, respectively. Emery’s Derek Canterbery, Parker Abegglen and Jax Jewkes placed third eighth and tenth while Carbon’s Bowden Robinson and Carson Shepherd took fourth and seventh. In girls’ shot put, Carbon’s Haley Garrish and Mariah Salee took first and third. They were joined by Heather Kerr (Pinnacle), Benett Peterson (Carbon) and Samantha Kessler (Pinnacle) in fourth, sixth and eighth, respectively.

In girls’ discus, Carbon’s Haley Garrish (first), Miriah Salee (third), Benett Peterson (sixth), Jennacie Jeffery (ninth) and December Jensen (tenth) all placed. They were joined by Pinnacle’s Heather Kerr and Samantha Kessler in second and sixth place. Finally, in boys’ discus, Carson Shepherd of CHS took first while Parker Abegglen of EHS took second. Emery’s Derek Canterbery and Maddox Christman took third and fourth while Carbon’s Bradley Wood and Bowden Robinson took fifth and sixth.

Overall, the Emery boys scored 135 points while the girls came in at 37. The Pinnacle boys earned eight points while the girls tallied 23.5 for their team.

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