Carbon, Emery Tee Off in Moab


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

Last Monday, Region 12 golf gathered in Moab for the second match of the season. Carbon’s Bode Salas once more set the pace with a 70. It helped the Dinos secure second place with a 317 while the Wildcats grew their led with a 307. Grand took advantage of the home course and came in third with a 350 while Emery (362) finished fourth and Canyon View (369) finished fifth.

The scoring Dinos included Darron Garner and Kyler Clark, who both came in with a 79. Next was Cole Callahan with an 89. For the Spartans, Turner Stoker led the way with an 86. He was followed by Joey Leonard (87), Dempsey Toomer (94) and Carter Huntington (95).

Region 12 will next meet up at The Oaks on Thursday. Below is a look at the scorecard after two matches.

Team Total
Richfield 620
Carbon 632
Grand 704
Emery 716
Canyon View 730
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