Carbon Golf Practices Honesty, Resilience and Hard Work


Photo by Julie Sherman

Sydnee Guymon will continue as coach of the Lady Dinos golf team for her third consecutive year.

“I have gone through the exact thing that these girls have gone through in high school, I had the desire to play college golf and some of these girls have that desire as well,” Guymon stated about her coaching style. “Being able to sympathize with that and show them what they need to do to achieve those goals is a great part of my coaching style. Making sure these girls understand their swings and how to fix them is another part of my coaching style so that they can help themselves in times that I can’t be there for them.”

When asked about her teams’ expectations, she continued, “We are looking for more girls to play this season so that we can have a team. If not, the girls will have to qualify for state individually. I know these girls have what it takes to qualify individually; they have proven it since they started. I expect them all to be in the top 12 in the region and to place higher than they did in state last year. I know these girls have the skills to shoot in the mid to low 80’s and that is the score I am going to expect them to put up this season.”

Carley West, Grace Simms and Kaylynn Black will be the returning Lady Dinos for the team.

“These girls have a lot of love and dedication to the game, they have been practicing all off season. These girls have a desire to shoot low and show the determination and dedication that it takes to do that,” shared Guymon.

What has your team done to improve over the offseason? “The girls have been out as often as they can, playing courses and working on their swing. When we started practice this year, they told me how many tournaments they had played over the summer and how they would go to the golf course and play as often as they could. I know the parents help promote a lot of practicing in the off season and give the girls the necessary tools they need to improve.”

When asked about opponents that will bring a challenge this year, Guymon replied, “We know that Richfield has always been a challenge and with the way Juab was playing last year at state, I think those are two teams who are going to really challenge us this year.”

In terms of values Guymon would like to teach to her team, she stated that a big part of golf is honesty, resilience and hard work.

“I pride myself in these girls being all of that. I know I can always count on my girls to be honest and bring themselves back up after a bad shot or hole. Emotions run high when you aren’t doing as well as you know you can but to recover from that and make the best of the situation is something these girls are outstanding at. Practicing as consistently as they did in the off season shows how hardworking these girls are,” concluded Coach Guymon.

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