Carbon High Choirs Host Festival Showcase *Photo Gallery*


Monday night gave CHS Choirs the opportunity to present several special numbers for the Carbon County public. The night featured numbers by the school’s Mens’ Choir, Musettes and Vocal Jazz as well as a joint chamber choir in preparation for different upcoming competitions at the region and state level.

Music performed included American folk songs, contemporary pieces, sections from a “Requiem” and even a piece written by Price-native Daniel Elder.

“It’s fun for me to see progress that each choir makes,” expressed Choir director Arthella Williams. “I think that the groups have definitely improved tons.” Williams further praised the choirs for making the leap from the music they had sung at the beginning of the year to the more demanding pieces required of them at region-wide competitions.

The night also featured students who prepared pieces to compete in the recent Region Solo & Ensemble Competition. Vocal solos, ensembles and a piano solo were performed to represent those students who had prepared for the event. In total, 18 members of the audition choirs, including those in Vocal Jazz, will be attending the State Solo & Ensemble competition which will be held April 30.

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